Stages of a job interview

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Stages of a job interview

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The stages of the interview differ depending on the type of interview and the company's approach to hiring. The scenario of an individual meeting will be one, and communication with a group of candidates - another.
The stages of an individual interview are usually:
Filling out the application form by the applicant.
The employer's story about the company and the job.
Applicant survey.
The applicant's questions to the employer.
Similar stages and interviews with the commission.
The sequence of steps in an individual interview may vary. The employer may offer to do the test before, during, or after the meeting, or not give it at all.
The test assignment allows you to assess the real skills and abilities of the candidate. Usually it is given to people of creative professions or those for which special skills are required, for example, designers, editors, programmers. As a test task, the designer will be asked to draw a banner, the editor - to put the text in order, the programmer - to write the code.
Freelancers: how to breed on test assignments
If the candidate coped with the test task and suits the employer, he is invited to a second meeting, internship or immediately to work. There may be several personal meetings and assignments - it depends on the company. As a rule, the larger and more serious it is, the more thoroughly the candidate is checked before hiring.
The stages of communication with a group of candidates are as follows:
Filling out the questionnaire by applicants.
A story about the company.
Games and tasks for candidates.
The employer gives feedback on the same day or a few days after the interview. If the employer did not mention it at the meeting, ask after the meeting when to expect an answer.
Group interviews are usually the first stage of selection. Successful candidates are invited to the second stage of the interview - a personal interview. And it usually follows the scenario I described above.

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